How I Am Working

This is a article on CNN Money about business personalities and the best advice they ever got:



Leo Babuta is the author of the blog His approach is all about minimalism. He is a big believer of MIT’s are spelled out most important tasks. He defines his goal for the day and then works relentlessly on this most important task before he starts anything else.

Notable parts of his report:

– gets up at 4:30 AM
– exercises every day
– checks e-mail at 11:00 for the first time
– uses batch processing principle

Read the full report here:

Fortune magazine has interviewed Bill Gates on how the works. The article is from 2006 I suppose you want a bit differently now.

Notable things about how he works are:

– tries to work without paper.
– multi screen set up
– users permission list for e-mail to minimize spam
– has an assistant
– uses filtering for emails
– uses a traditional whiteboard for brainstorming

Read the full Article here:

Matt Mullenweg was recently interviewed by Inc. Magazine on how he works. Because they screwed up his article he basically rewrote the article himself and posted it to his blog.

Read the whole Article here:



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